5 Common SEO Mistakes Business Owners Make

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Digital marketing has completely changed the way the business industry works. Especially for small business owners, it has revolutionized the strategies that are required to attract and retain clients. By taking advantage of the internet and the popular search engine Google, digital marketing has pushed itself far ahead of other strategies that it set itself up as the most effective tool for businesses. That being said, all of these qualities can be traced back to a specific digital marketing strategy known as search engine optimization. Also known as SEO, this strategy is an organic way to rank a website online relating to a particular niche and keywords. This strategy has made itself one of the most popular strategies by essentially being a free way to market a business online. The main costs that come with using SEO are website and platforms costs. This also makes SEO a high return on investment strategy to market a business. However, given the technicality of this strategy, there are many mistakes made by business owners using it. The interesting thing about SEO is that even a small mistake can completely stop a website from outranking another. Optimizers need to stay on top of any factors that go into using this strategy. With this in mind, let’s go over five common SEO mistakes business owners make. This way, you know what to look out for within your SEO campaign.

1: Not Optimizing For Mobile Users

With the attention of SEO being on a business website, most people focus on ways to improve website interaction on computers. However, the mistake that many business owners make is not optimizing for mobile users. When we look around, virtually everyone has some form of mobile online device they use for shopping. Because of this, it is essential to optimize your website for both computer and mobile users to increase conversion rates.

2: Not Writing “Meaty” Content

Apart from the website itself, arguably the most crucial factor in successfully implementing the SEO strategy is website content. No matter what form it comes in, the content should be informational, resourceful, and engaging to the user. Google is now looking out for these factors as a way to determine website rankings. An excellent way to ensure this happens within your content is to make sure it is “Meaty.” In other words, make sure it is long enough to increase the time a website visitor is on your web page.

3: Forgetting To Integrate Social Media

Social media is another critical factor that plays a more significant part in SEO than people realize. Among other things, integrating social media contributes to increasing awareness of your business. While this doesn’t directly impact your website’s rankings, increased awareness increases your chances of showing your content to potential clients. From an SEO standpoint, this contributes to increased website traffic which does effect rankings to a certain extent.

4: Trying To Outrank Established/Giant Competitors

The great thing about successful business owners is that they are driven more than any other people. This means that they will do whatever is within their power to beat their competition. However, in the online marketing world, this is virtually impossible in most cases. More specifically, when it comes to outranking an established or branded company, smaller businesses don’t have enough resources ever to outrank them. In most cases, it is much more beneficial to try to outrank the smaller businesses within your niche.

5: Not Checking the Quality Of Links

Worth repeating, the technicality of SEO is one of the main reasons business owners make mistakes. However, if there is one technical factor to keep in mind, that would be the quality of links you use within your article. Using a good link builds trust and authority within the article that can be used to profit from client. On the other hand, a bad or untrustworthy link can be as harmful as knocking your website off a good ranking position overnight.

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