5 Of The Most Important Google Ranking Factors In 2019

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Google’s digital marketing strategies are continually changing and improving for the better. While it can get annoying trying to keep up with the many changes, it’s important to keep in mind that these changes are making sure both businesses and clients benefit the most. Of these many changes, the most obvious ones can be seen within the search engine optimization strategy. The search engine optimization strategy allows businesses to organically position their website in a convenient way that drives traffic their way. From there, it is up to the website to convert the client. Given the power of this strategy, it’s no wonder why many clients are willing to fork over thousands of dollars to an SEO agency or an SEO consultant for these services. For that matter, it’s easy to see how even a local SEO agency or SEO consultant can sustain success within a crowded niche. Moreover, more specific changes can be seen within Google’s ranking factor concerning the SEO strategy. Above everything else, Google’s ranking algorithm is making it more of a priority to show relevant results. Because of this, website owners are now being forced to do the same in several different ways. That said, rest assured knowing that the current state of Google’s ranking algorithm has provided simple factors that deal with these changes. With this in mind, let’s go over five of the most important Google ranking factors in 2019

#1: Website & Page Speed

 Now more than ever, website and page speed is one of the most important factors of ranking online. Having a website with fast speeds plays into the overall purpose of providing a relevant and high-quality online experience for a potential client.

#2: A Mobile-Friendly Optimized Website

 Having a mobile-friendly optimized website is one of the newest changes made within Google’s ranking algorithm. It has been changed along with the progression of smartphones and other mobile devices. Similar to having fast speeds, having a mobile-friendly optimized website also serves the purpose of providing relevant online experiences for clients.

#3: A Mixture Of Relevant Content-Type

 One thing that most online optimizers always make sure to include is content. Online content is known for being one of the most significant contributors to successful website optimization. However, a proven step above that is to have a mixture of relevant content types such as videos and infographics.

#4: Social Media Integration

 Another relatively new addition to Google’s ranking algorithm is social media integration. Simply put, social media has grown too large today, not to include it within the most important ranking factors for Google.

#5: Links

 Last but not least, one of the oldest factors or Google rankings that are still as important as ever are links. When it comes to rankings, links are what give a website trust and authority within Google’s algorithm. Worth noting, these qualities are the primary metrics by which Google determines what websites rank above another. Quite obviously, the goal in optimizing a website is to receive as much trust and authority as possible.

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