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Website owners using Google Chrome may have received a message through their Google Webmaster Tools that their website is not secure. This is because your site has not been upgraded with an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate. 

 Security is often a priority after something serious happens. Here are some reasons why do you need to upgrade your website to SSL and how you can add SSL to your site.

Why SSL?

1) Improves Ranking 

 SSL encrypts information sent across the internet. Your users and customers like this because it keeps their personal information secure. SSL prevents hackers from spying on your customer’s actions. 

 Another reason is that SSL increases site speed. Best of all, sites with SSL rank better in SEO (search engine optimization). Google rewards sites with SSL with better SEO. That means your company listing will rank better than those sites that have not been upgraded. In their quest to create the ultimate knowledge base, Google rewards websites that care about customers. 

 SSL is so important that Google Chrome will even fire a warning that the site is not secure if SSL is not present. 

2) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

 When upgrading your site with SSL, you will also be upgrading from HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) to HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). This secure upgrade encrypts information transferred between a browser and a web server. During an HTTP transition, hackers can steal sensitive or personal information. This upgrade prevents hackers from taking personal information. 

 Previously, only business which dealt with highly secure information had bothered to upgrade. Nowadays, all types of business websites have been the subject of mass breaches and customer hacks. This can instantly hurt a company’s reputation and prevent online business growth. Security matters to everyone. Being proactive is easier than reactive. 

3) Browser Labels Updated 

 When your website has been upgraded with SSL and HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, your browser labels are updated. The Google Search Console acknowledges this with a closed padlock icon. This upgraded seal of approval instantly indicates to all of your customers that you are serious about security and will protect their privacy and information. 

4) Conversion Rate

 Your website’s conversion rate will dramatically improve with an SSL upgrade. The improved SSL speed will keep customers on your site with the advanced UX (user experience). New customers will feel more confident in purchasing items when they view the lock icon, the Google confirmation that their information is secure. 

 On the other hand, remaining on HTTP, where a Google security warning pops up, tells potential customers you do not care about their personal information or online security. 

How Do You Add SSL?

1) Buy An SSL Certificate 

 Contact your web host to add an SSL certificate. They will likely install the SSL Certificate for you. You can certainly purchase this on your own, but all web hosts can easily and efficiently take care of this transition. 


 Next, using your Google Webmaster Tools, test to make sure that your website links have changed from an HTTP to HTTPS. Type in your website address in Google Chrome. There should be an icon of a padlock that indicates your site is secure. 

 If your site does not reflect this change, contact your web hosting company to troubleshoot this issue.

3) 301 Redirects

 After you have added an SSL certificate, there should automatically be 301 redirects. This means that your current customers who have bookmarked your site will automatically be redirected to your site, thanks to 301 redirects. 

4) Purchase The Right SSL Certificate

 There are three different types of SSL certificates to purchase, depending on your domain needs. A single domain SSL certificate will not cover multiple domains. Be sure to work with your web hosting company to select the one that will cover all of your sites.

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